Boiler&Pressure Vessel
  Nuclear Power
Tube Preparation Production Line
It is used for descaling tube surface, which is a necessary production line before welding.
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All Position Tube to Tube Welding Machine Series
Applicable to all position tube to tube welding in factory and field installation.
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Pipe-Pipe Fittings Welding Machine Series
Mainly used for welding of thick wall pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipe-tee joint, pipe-high precision flange, pipe- socket flange and pipe-end cap.
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Automatic Tube Cutting And Edge Preparation Production(ATCP)
It is used for the tube end pretreatment before straight tube butt welding, including fixed-length cut, tube end beveling, inside and outside polishing of tube end, tube internal soot cleaning devices, etc.
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Movable Tube End Beveling Machine
Used for the end grooving of the fixed tube, as nozzle.
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Grooving machine of long distance transportation pipeline
Used for the groove machining of the long distance transportation pipeline, and widely used in the pipe construction project.
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CNC Steel Pipe Intersection Line Flame Cutting Machine
This machine is mainly used for intersection line cutting of all kinds of pipelines and saddle curve cutting of pipe end. It is applicable to orthogonal intersection and deviation intersection.
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Automatic dual-welding torch orbital welding machine
It is a specific high efficiency welding equipment designed for long distance pipeline welding engineering.
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