Boiler&Pressure Vessel
  Nuclear Power
Spherical tank automatic welding machine
Used for the automatic welding of the inner/outer different joints of the spherical tank.
Various To be Negotiated
Wind Tower Welding Machine
It is used ofr wind tower and multiple-pass cylinder welding with SAW technology.
Various To be Negotiated
Surfacing welding machine for flange inwall/end face
The Ni-alloy layer which thickness is 3-5mm is deposited over the flange inwall and end face respectively and fielded by Ar inert gases by adopting the technology of hot-wire TIG and mechanical auto feeding wire.
Various To be Negotiated
Conveyors and buffer stores
Specific Purpose: To convey and store the tubes, workpieces and panel units. Performance Characteristic: Light in weight, good rigidity. Includes the preweld and postweld conveyors, buffer stores, crack detector conveyors, bending conveyors...
Various To be Negotiated
XTV crack detector
XTV crack detector is to detect the quality of butt-jointed welding seams of small diameter tube of carbon steel, stainless steel, special steel and heat-resistant alloy steel. The tube diameter is from 32mm to 76mm and thickness is from 3m...
Various To be Negotiated
Steam turbine air intake/pump pipe welding machine
Specific Purpose: Used for butt welding of air intake and pump pipes of steam turbine (Horizontal welding). Performance Characteristic: One TIG welding machine is for backing weld, the other SAW machine fills and caps.
NZQL-700, MZQL-700 To be Negotiated
Auto overlay welding system
Specific Purpose: Strip and hot wire TIG overlay welding system for the vessel interior wall, pipe sheet, valves of such industries as nuclear power, petrochemical and etc. Performance Characteristic: Auto overlaying for ring seam. Auto spe...
STRIP, HOT WIRE To be Negotiated
Building moulding board MAG welding machine
Specific Purpose:To weld the longitudinally grill and bottom board of the building moulding board together. Performance Characteristic: Auto-fitting and feeding workpiece. Auto speed adjustment for round surfacing, efficient.
NZMB800×6, NZMB1500×12 To be Negotiated
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