Boiler&Pressure Vessel
  Nuclear Power
Welding Machine For Big Oil Tank
Used for the automatic welding of the inner/outer joints of the big oil tank (normal assembled).
Various To be Negotiated
Spherical Tank Production Equipment
Used for the automatic welding of the spherical tank.
Various To be Negotiated
Robot station for Automobile exhaust pipe assembly
Used for automobile parts welding, consisting of robot and single axe positioner.
Various To be Negotiated
Specialized Welding Machine for Middle Groove of Coal Mine Machine
Used for front and back welding of the middle groove of coal mine machines.
Various To be Negotiated
Vehicle Shaft Tube Welding Station for Agricultural Machinery
Used for shaft tube and reinforcement groove welding for agricultural machinery or other vehicles, equipped with MIG/MAG welding system.
Various To be Negotiated
NC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine
Used for flame cutting, plasma cutting and fine plasma cutting.
Various To be Negotiated
Steel Grating Production Line
Used for the automatic resistance welding, cutting and edging of steel grating.
Various To be Negotiated
Transverse seam automatic SAW machine
This machine is mainly used for welding transverse circular seam for large oil storage tank and can complete automatic welding of outside and inside seam for oil storage tank.
Various To be Negotiated
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