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Prefabricated pipe welding workstation

Prefabricated pipe welding workstation

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Equipment Purpose

This equipment concludes hollow openable clamp rotater, gantry type guide rail shelf, welding trolly, bearing roller shelf, pneumatic clamp device, TIG welding machine, MIG welding machine, hot-wire module and control system. It is mainly fit for the joint of tube and the tube parts( three-port, bent pipe, flange and so on). Equipped with the hot-wire TIG device and MIG welding machine, the technology methods can be adopted with random combination of them to implement the joint in high quality and efficiency. And the automatic level is high.

Performance Characteristic

Swiveling speed and accuracy of AC servo motor is high.
Due to the reliability of clamping and stability of rotation, the hollow openable clamp rotator designed specially is fit for the welding of lopsided tube especially.
It can be done to implement man-machine conversation, to preset welding parameter and to control the whole welding process automatically through PLC and touched screen.
With the function of AVC and torch swinging.
It is high efficient and the quality of joint is perfect for automatic backing welding with hot-wire TIG or MIG.

Technical Parameters

Tube diameter:60-400mm
Thickness of tube:3-40mm
Material of tube: mild steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel
Placket dimension: 462mm
Rotation speed:0.05-2rpm
Output torsion: 2500N.m

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