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Dual-torches semi-automatic panel splicing welding machine

Dual-torches semi-automatic panel splicing welding machine


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Specific Purpose:

This machine is the auxiliary equipment of membrane panel welding. It is used to joint narrow panel units together which are welded by membrane panel welding machine in order to increase productivity considerably

Performance Characteristic:

Consists of travelling car, welding system and control system

Speed is frequency controlled. The clutch enables fast movement without power

The welding system consists of power source, wire feeder and torches. The torches can be adjusted left-right and up-down adjustment separately

The control system adapts the famous brand products. The power source and wire feeder are remotely controlled. Easy to operate

Technical Parameter:

型号        MODEL NZMC-2 MZMC-2
钢管直径  TUBE  DIAMETER 32~76mm 32~76mm
扁钢宽度  FIN-BAR WIDTH 12.7~100mm 12.7~100mm
运行速度  SPEED 200~2000mm/min 200~2000mm/min
焊丝直径  WIRE DIAMETER 1.2mm 1.6mm  2.0mm

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