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Membrane panel bending machine

Membrane panel bending machine

MODEL: PW1600, PW2500, PW2500Y

SIZE: Various

PRICE: To be Negotiated

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Specific Purpose:

Membrane panel bending machine is a special equipment for the membrane panel bending in boiler industry. This machine has advantages such as same bending radius of curvature, improving the bending quality and efficiency, reducing the working pressure and etc.

Performance Characteristic:

Horizontal-type enables oblique bends

(PW1600)Servos drive twin-hydraulic cylinders synchronously

(PW1600)Do not need a foundation,easy to move using a crane

(PW2500Y)Servos drive twin-hydraulic cylinders synchronously

Digital setup and display bending angles. The operation process and parameters can be duplicated

Technical Parameter:

型号  MODEL PW1600 PW2500 PW2500Y
类型  TYPE 卧式Horizontal-type电动electric 卧式Horizontal-type电动electric 卧式Horizontal-type液压hydraulic
最大屏宽 MAX. PANEL WIDTH 1600mm 2500mm 2500mm
弯曲半径 BENDING RADIUS 190~500mm(R≥5D,D为管径) 200~420mm(壁厚≤6mm时R≥5D;壁厚>6mm时,R≥3.3D 180mm~350mm
管子直径TUBE DIAMETER 32~76mm 32~76mm 22~89mm
弯曲速度 BENDING SPEED 0.26r/min 0.26r/min 0.2r/min
最大弯曲角 MAX. BENDING ANGLE 150° 135° 145°
电机功率 MOTOR POWER 7.5KW 18.5KW 30KW
最大弯曲矩 MAX. BENDING MOMENT 170KN.m 450KN.m 750KN.m

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