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Pipe-Pipe Fittings Welding Machine Series

Pipe-Pipe Fittings Welding Machine Series

MODEL: Various

SIZE: Various

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Specific Purpose:

Mainly used for welding of thick wall pipe-pipe, pipe-elbow, pipe-tee joint, pipe-high precision flange, pipe- socket flange and pipe-end cap. Being applicable to industries such as boiler, pipeline, industrial installation, shipbuilding, hydraulic cylinder, oil tank, chemical engineering, pressure vessel, etc, as well as field prefabrication.


Pipe Diameter
159-630 mm
630-1100 mm
Wall Thickness
60 mm
130 mm
Welding Process
Hot wire TIG
Hot wire TIG+MIG
Hot wire TIG+SAW
Narrow gap TIG
Narrow gap TIG+ Narrow gap SAW
SAW after manual backing
Welding Manner
Multi layer & pass continuous welding after manual assembly tack welding.Suggest to adopt specialized beveling machine and assembly tools for automatic welding.

Performance Characteristic:

Simple operation and high qualification rate of welding.

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