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Automatic dual-welding torch orbital welding machine

Automatic dual-welding torch orbital welding machine

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Equipment Name: automatic dual-welding torch orbital welding machine

Purpose: it is a specific high efficiency welding equipment designed for long distance pipeline welding engineering.


Using GMAW or Pulsed GMAW, it can complete automatic welding for each welding layer for pipes, including root welding, thermal welding, filling and capping welding, etc., all welding parameters are programmable.

For the two welding torches, double-layer stitch welding or projection welding can be choose in accordance with the users requirement, which can greatly improve the welding efficiency. Compared with single welding torch, the welding efficiency can be increased by 30% - 50%.

Technical Parameter:

applied tube diameter  400~2000mm
applied wall thickness  6~35mm
applied groove   V type, U type and composite groove
Welding wire diameter  Ф0.8,Ф0.9,Ф1.0,Ф1.2mm
Welding speed   100~2000mm/min

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