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Smooth acceptance of BHEL project

Author: Kirsten Jiao    Hits: 4014     Update time: 2008-3-28 9:32:33


On March 20th 2008, a group of three people including the engineer from BHEL for the acceptance of GCHT045-2007 project and our agent in India visited the assembly base of WTEC in Doudian, Fangshan district, and made pre-inspection for the equipments. All the equipments are qualified, symbolizing that WTEC has made a solid stride in expanding India market.

At 9 a.m., all the staffs escorting for the acceptance welcome the India guests with high spirit under the leadership of Wang Xintao, the general engineer, Gao Yanqing, the managing director, and Zhang Rentang, the project director.

Five T+M tube to tube welding machines are set for the WTEC-B-GCHT045-2007 project. They visited to make inspection on the two equipments for the first delivery, including eight layers water fall rack with the length of 16 meters, force feeding machine and tube to tube welding machine. The engineer for the acceptance is very serious about every detail, and asks our staffs at times until he gets the satisfying answer.

During the acceptance of the water-fall racks, the engineer climbed on the top of it in order to see the operation clearly, and we were convinced by their serious attitude. They took four layers at random to undertake tube operation, and it performed very well.

There is an episode during the acceptance of the force feeding machine. We found a long trace on the tube, which was taken as the scratch in the process of force feeding by the engineer of BHEL. After our check, we certified that it is an oil trace and the force feeding machine was accepted well.

It took the longest time for them to accept the tube to tube welding machine. They checked the power supply and electric control cabinet and asked to mark on the torches for easy manipulation. They also chose five from the tubes of different specification respectively, marked on them and sent all the samples for detection.

The meticulous attitude of the Indian customer has been fully expressed from measuring racks, testing tube feeding speed and monitoring the production of the welding samples. After 10 hour’s acceptance, the engineer of BHEL was still full of spirit, and our members were also excited about the smooth acceptance after welding samples day and night.

This successful acceptance takes the sweat and labors of every member of WTEC, and is also the best return for WTEC members. It further solidifies the cooperation relationship between WTEC and BHEL, and stabilizes the determination and confidence of WTEC to expand Indian market and the global market. Wish the acceptance full success.

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