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Innovation is life, detail means everything

Author: Wang Xintao    Hits: 5510     Update time: 2008-6-7 9:18:54


On the 13rd Essen Welding &cutting Fair in 2008

What the 12nd Essen Welding& cutting Fair in Shanghai left us is the enlightenment and sublimation in our mindset, and we made the promise of seeing in Beijing Essen Fair in 2008. Through one year’s effort, WTEC attends the Fair in a totally new face, and seven new products are brought forward, which has shown the strength and potential in the specific welding machines of our company and become the highlight in the Fair and gained the praise from the manufacturers at home and abroad.

The welding field is colorful, and the spacious market has provided good opportunities as well as more vitality. Nowdays, Beijing Essen Fair has become the first in Asia and second in the world in the field of welding and cutting. In this international welding exchange platform, the most advanced technology and equipment in the world have been presented and more and more foreign manufacturers have participated, which has shown the internationalization of the Essen Fair. In this short period, lots of information on the market demand has been acquired by us and we have learned novel design mindset, found the gap with our   peers, located us in a right place, set our orientation and enhanced our confidence by visiting various products on show. To be a world-class professional welding manufacturer with excellent products of taking the market as our orientation, developing by innovation, surviving by discrepancy, combining manufacturing, learning and studying is our unswerving goal.

1.Definite target, scientific management and teamwork

At the beginning of this year, the general manager has commanded that each department should be serious with their own targets. For the research and development department, the task was divided and given to individuals separately. Under the leadership of Yang Xuebing and Xu Hairan and the cooperation between all departments, seven new products were put forward through full efforts and difficulties. It can be called a great breakthrough in the research and development work in the aspects of technology, quantity and speed.

Take the header nozzle welding machine as an example: it did not evolve into a new product since its appearance in 2006 Essen Fair because of more than one year’s delay in amendment and design. Therefore, the customers had to buy foreign products as a substitute. However, It just takes three months for Guo Jiangxuan to redesign, manufacture the new machine head with compact structure, easy operation, excellent performance and beautiful appearance. It shows great competency compared with the similar products in foreign countries and indicates the strong capability of the designer. The fact showed that appointed people responsible for projects, teamwork, green pass and scientific management are effective measures to accelerate research and development work.

2.Pay attention to our opponents, know others and ourselves, place ourselves in the right location and enhance our confidence

In this Fair, our opponents presented one after another, such as ESAB, POLYSUDE, AMET AND ALL-TIME. They have a long history, advanced technology, excellent manufacturing ability and great economic strength, and their products are perfect in structure, function, appearance and color. This kind of high-end products can have market shares although with high prices, which shows the brand effect. Some companies are joint ventures, such as Tangshan KaiYuan Autowlding System Co., Ltd, who leverages on the foreign sophisticated technology to improve its capability. Our company is a hi-tech enterprise who centers on the self-innovation and absorbs the foreign technologies, and it should take a certain time for us to catch up with them both in technology and overall strength. We have the first class technology, but the design, manufacturing and appearance are in the second and third class respectively. We have made great achievement in the functionality of the products, but we still should make more improvement in such aspects as advancement, reliability, reasonability and humanity of the structure, harmony between shape and color, and nicety and beauty. Therefore, we should take the high-level opponents as our target with our belief of surpassing, sprit of striving, wisdom and hard work.

3.Persist in innovation, pay attention to details and forge our brand

Innovation is differentiated competition and the key for the company to achieve the maximum interest. We should digest and absorb the advanced technology in foreign countries to undertake integrated innovation and self innovation. We should emphasize every section such as design, manufacturing and supporting, while paying more attention on basic skills, handling the function, structure, appearance and color comprehensively. We should also take the design seriously from the design and manufacturing of every part, focusing on details. It is an inevitable way for us to form a brand through standardization and compliance with international practice. It is a progressive way and needs the joint efforts of all staffs, so it is very necessary to instill the brand concept and quality awareness into the minds of every staff and to put them into practice.

4.Cherish the confidence of the customer in us  achieve benefits for them in return

Our research and development work stems form customers and will return to them. It is the customers who give us expenses and opportunities to apply our products, and make free advertisement for us, what a kind god! Customers, one of the most important sections in research and development, are playing a bridging role. Over the recent 10 years, it is the confidence and support of the customers centered with Shanghai Boiler that make us survive and develop, and it is just our biggest advantage compared with others.

Therefore, we should cherish and maintain this relationship to maximize their interests in return, and it is necessary for us to do a good job in research and development, manufacturing and service to gain the confidence from our customers and achieve mutual benefits with our sincerity and high standard products.

5.Integrate manufacturing, learning and studying, seek for partners

After this Fair, we feel that the strength of one company is limited, so we should seek for partners while improving ourselves, so as to combine the manufacturing, learning and studying, which is a proved research and development way with high efficiency. Nowadays, we have cooperated with Shandong Aotai strategically, and we should make full use of this cooperation with a proper entry point. Furthermore, we are looking for other partners to cooperate in more fields and achieve further development.

6.Make persistent efforts and move on

Some of our products can be applied after little improvement, but others should be made more amendments. And some new projects are expected to develop, so we still have a long way to go for the research and development work. We should make persistent efforts and develop scientifically and orderly.

It is not easy to prepare and attend this Fair on schedule for our company. We sowed a lot and we gained accordingly. It really deserved for us to enrich our mindset, develop technology and marketing.

We are proud of being a member of WTEC and we bear a heavy responsibility. Although we are in the different positions with different work to do, it is certain that WTEC will have a promising future as long as we have the same mindset, tie the development of ourselves with the company closely, and contribute ourselves to our company. And we ourselves are sure to have a better life.

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