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Seventh anniversary celebration bulletin

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To publicize corporate culture, and to celebrate the success of international market development, WTEC held a seventh anniversary celebration on November 9, 2007. The early winter chill did not affect the enthusiasm of distinguished guests and employees, the multi-function hall of Wanshou Hotel was full of the audience, the venue is so happy. This celebration started from the 9th at noon, held a corporate culture training, the seventh anniversary celebration entertainment soiree. WTEC's leadership, customer representatives, and cooperation manufacturers, shareholders totaling 200 people attended the celebration.

Chairman He Gongqi and vice president of CNEEC Liao Shengsong  spoke at the anniversary, general manager Tang Wei introduced the development of the company to the leadership and the guests, chief engineer Wang Xintao introduced the research situation, the leadership and the guests attended the anniversary gave a positive affirmation. After the conference, all enjoyed the wonderful theatrical show that performed by WTEC staff.

The first programme was a dance named "I set foot on track in the morning" from twelve staff, it was romantic and elegant, audience were immersed in the music, enjoyed the beautiful dancing.

Songs "30,000 feet" and "to borrow 500 years from Heaven" push the first evening climax, as a result, the audience greeted with applause. The next programs were more brilliant: Pieces "one day in WTEC" from life than life, with a lively arts practices the performance for their dedication and super-value of dedication. Songs had Chinese songs, English songs, with a Korean songs; crosstalk "Happiness clapping song" portrayed the roles successfully, love songs "Today you want to marry me" 、 "intimate love," and "husband and wife both go home" are quite popular with the audience. "Chinese kungfu" had fully demonstrated the Chinese martial arts and had a profound knowledge and inclusive. A chorus "I am a star", the four boys displayed quite good. A song "Great Wall is long" from chairman He Gongqi made the atmosphere boiling; original company veteran comrades chorus "My Motherland" aroused strong patriotic, "the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau" was very penetrating. The anniversary ended up with the singing of the chorus "A Better Tomorrow".

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