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A happy conversation after Essen exhibition

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In Essen exhibition, we once have met general manager Tang, also has visited WTEC's booth. Small two position, displayed products were not many, but it was crowded, with so many people coming and going. After returned to Beijing, we visited Tang especially, and had the happy conversation with him.

 "This Essen exhibition, although our booth is not big, the position also is not too good, but the effect is quite saftisfied." Tang said. WTEC from 2000 to set up manufacturing automation equipment began welding research and development and production, and now is the seventh year. In their second five-year plan, they have two major strategies shift:one is on the basis of doing a good job in boilers, pressure vessels,transfer to another industry, such as steel structure, petrochemical and so on. And the other is doing a good job on the basis of the domestic market to overseas markets ahead. This Essen exhibition but also with these two purposes, one to consolidate the domestic market, to strengthen exchanges and promote feelings with old customers, do some specific projects negotiations; other hand, we should use this platform, to enter overseas markets. Tang told reporters: "Recently, we have recently received a successful bidder notice from an India company."

When in talking about the Essen Exhibition whole feeling, Tang said that, "the biggest feeling is that: The overseas advanced technical research and development speed goes far beyond China, many foreign enterprise liked Lincoln, Esab, KEMPPI, Panasonic and so on, they all bring very good welding power supply. while domestic manufacturers rarely innovative, technically basic hovering in situ, although there is some new products, but technically still no major breakthrough. On the whole, our products have no technical gap, low added value, the market will be only on price. this is the general status of welding industry in China. "

In the conversation with Tang, we have always felt relaxed and happy atmosphere. Although he is tired after the Essen exhibition, but we obviously felt we were infected by the "happy" spirit. we believe that WTEC will certainly be able to take a positive attitude and constant technological innovation continue to produce happy, not only for domestic users, as well as overseas customers.

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